The NorthfieldWiFi Difference

We are often asked what sets NorthfieldWiFi apart from other services offered in the area? Our two biggest competitors are Cable and DSL. While pricing, customer service and our service offerings are a big reason as to why a lot of customers choose our company, one of the biggest is the fact that our services offered are so flexible and our coverage areas in which we can service the customer far out exceeds that of cable or DSL.

In regards to our competition, their service area is primarily within the city limits. So for example, a customer who lives in the country but has an office in town can't have the same service provider at both locations. With NorthfieldWiFi, that same person can have our service at his or her home in the country as well as service at their office. The benefits of this are pretty vast for the business customer, especially since all work between home and office are done within the same ISP's infrastructure. This can save a lot of time if you have a technical question or need assistance with something. One point of contact for both service locations. We also have service plans that should fit anyone's life style. From the daily email and web surfer all the way up to the heavy gamer. Don't see a service plan that will fit what you need? We will customize a plan that will fit your lifestyle.

Up until 2007, rural residential options in High Speed Broadband were near non-existent. With the implementation of NorthfieldWiFi's High Speed Broadband infrastructure residents in the rural communities can experience the same great High Speed Broadband services which up until now were only available within the city limits. We are constantly hearing "my friend in town has your service and loves it, can I get hooked up" or "my friend in the country has your service and it's faster than my cable or DSL service, when can I get hooked up"?

Come see the difference. Come see why everyone is making the switch. We are your better way to the internet.

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Our History

NorthfieldWiFi was born right here in Historic Northfield Minnesota. The company was started in October 2006. Between October 2006 and February 2007 we were performing rigorous tests on our network to ensure that we were ready to start offering our services to the public. After ensuring everything was ready for launch, we opened the doors for business.

Today, we have towers in 8 different communities and are constantly looking to expand our coverage area to bring high speed internet service in and around the Northfield Minnesota area.

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NorthfieldWiFi® is a fixed wireless broadband internet service provider with years of experience and over 600+ systems installed. You can count on us to provide a safe and reliable browsing experience. With our system you can use as much data as you want whenever you want, stream, download and browse better with NorthfieldWiFi. You will get a fast and reliable connection, instant downloads and email access. Start downloading files in seconds, rather than minutes, with low latency and low jitter you will experience the Internet like never before.

Talk on the phone and be online at the same time, You’ll never have to worry about tying up the phone again, plus you’ll save money by not having to buy another phone line. Schedule your site survey and standard installation today. A certified NorthfieldWiFi installer will bring our system to you and get you started immediately. NorthfieldWiFi's Network Operations Center is staffed with experienced technicians to provide professional and reliable customer support. If you have a question regarding your Internet access, technical or billing questions, contact customer support any time.

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