Our Technology

Modern Hardware Revolutionizing Rural Broadband

Using high-end transmitters on local water towers, buildings, and grain bins, we’re able to beam high-speed internet to rural areas more efficiently than traditional telephone lines or cable. Having our transmitters on tall towers and due the relative flatness of the region, we are able to provide excellent coverage to rural areas. With the implementation of NorthfieldWiFi’s high-speed broadband infrastructure, residents in rural communities can experience the same great services as urban residents.

Setting up Service

Although our system requires line of sight to operate efficiently, the height of a tower and relative flatness of an area means there is potential in excellent coverage. Below outlines the basics of how the technology will work for your home or business.

  1. Contact us to see if we’re the right fit for you. When you reach out to us we’ll send out a trained technician to complete a site survey at your location and see whether our service will work for you.

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  2. Choose your plan. If our technician has determined that you are within our service area, then the next step is for you to choose a plan.

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  3. We will install the hardware and start your service. Our technician will return and install a receiver on your roof. If the line of sight isn’t direct to our towers from your roof, we may have to add a secondary relay for better coverage.

    The receiver connects to a modem/router that we have set up in your home or business. You can either connect directly to this router via an ethernet cable or you can set up a local network where your wireless devices can connect. Our technician will provide everything you need for one computer connection and answer any questions you have – from router information to adding additional devices to the network.

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