Small Business Networks

Point To Point Links

Looking to connect your shop, business or home to your off site network? We install point to point wireless links that can bring them together. You get a private and secure dedicated link without the trenching costs and hassle!

Point To Multipoint Links

Looking to connect multiple facilities to a single location? We install point to multipoint wireless links that can connect multiple locations together. You get private and secure dedicated links without the trenching price tag!

Every Installation Is Unique

We understand each and every installation is unique. No two customers needs are the same. We are happy to work with you to meet your needs. Installation fees vary depending on the scale and sophistication of the project and equipment required to complete the job. Contact us today and request a quote.

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Enterprise Networks

Small Or Enterprise We Can Help

Whether you need a Point To Point Link, Point To Multipoint Links, High Speed Broadband Internet or Wireless Access Points installed in your home or office, we can help you with your infrastructure needs. A strong stable network can assist in empowering you or your business to be more productive.

High Speed Broadband Internet For Your Business

Our High Speed Broadband infrastructure is fast and reliable. Our network provides our customers with a low Latency and low Jitter connection, which is essential for checking email, web surfing, downloading large files and video conferencing. Our network makes VoIP telephone calls and streaming movies over the internet a breeze. Our service plans and monthly pricing are the same for both business and residential customers.

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Speed, Stability, Performance And Coverage

Not only will you vastly improve your businesses network speed, stability and performance, but you will also get hands on technical support along side experienced technicians and the latest up to date equipment and software.

Wireless Networking

Wireless Access Point Installation

We install wireless access points for enterprise and small businesses. We use a revolutionary WiFi system which combines carrier class performance, unlimited scalability, disruptive pricing, and a virtual management controller with a user friendly interface.

These access points are great for hotels, gas stations and restaurants. Any where you need stable and reliable wireless coverage, whether its throughout your home or business.

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