Stanton is an unincorporated community in Stanton Township, Goodhue County, Minnesota, United States. It lies at the junction of Minnesota State Highways 19 and 56, approximately 10 miles east of Northfield. Its post office closed during federal budget cuts in the 1970s.

The community is served by an airport with two grass-surfaced runways. The runways are plowed in the winter. The airport serves the sport aviation community, with a notable volume of glider, classic aircraft, and Sport Pilot activity. The airport was previously known as Carleton Airport, and still appears with that name on some maps, due to its prior association with Carleton College.

Stanton Airfield is also home of the Minnesota Soaring Club, the largest soaring club in the upper Midwest. Over 25 gliders are based at Stanton Airfield. Soaring takes place primarily on weekends from mid April through November. Despite its small size, the airport was used by U.S. president Bill Clinton, who arrived there by helicopter for a commencement address at Carleton College in 2000. Stanton Airfield was designated a historic site in November 2004. It has been in continuous use for flight training since April, 1942 when it was used to train pilots for World War II. Stanton Airfield also has a Link Trainer, one of the first flight simulators, used to train WWII pilots.

NorthfieldWiFi has two high speed broadband towers in the Stanton area. The first and probably the closest tower is located on a tall grain leg, located on Fargaze Farms. The second tower is just North of Stanton, located in Randolph Minnesota. Community members in Stanton can take advantage of NorthfieldWiFi’s high speed broadband infrastructure.