Originally settled in 1855, scenic Kenyon, Minnesota is located along the north fork of the Zumbro River in Goodhue County. Early settlers were attracted by the picturesque beauty, bountiful forests, clear waters and fertile soil of the area. The town received its name from James M. Le Duc—one of the four men who platted the village—to honor his alma mater, Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. A post office and a station of the Chicago Great Western Railroad were established in 1856, and soon a burgeoning village was growing with the additions of a hotel in 1857 and school house in 1859. Eight of Kenyon's residents were enlisted to fight in the Civil War, and only four returned alive.

Today, Kenyon is well known for its four-block-long planting of tree roses that grace the main road into town. Visitors from around the area trek to Kenyon in the summertime to view this beautiful "Boulevard of Roses." Another interesting site is the lovely Victorian-styled M. T. Gunderson House. Built in 1895, this historic mansion is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and tours of the fascinating home are available the third Saturday of every month.

NorthfieldWiFi has one high speed broadband tower in the Kenyon area. This tower is located on a grain leg just east of Kenyon. Rural Kenyon residents can take advantage of NorthfieldWiFi’s high speed broadband infrastructure and fills the gap for residents who have no other high speed broad band options available.

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