3.0Mbps /1.5Mbps

3.0Mbps Download
1.5Mbps Upload

For the casual surfer who checks email and surfs the web.

8.0Mbps /3.0Mbps

8.0Mbps Download
3.0Mbps Upload

Surf, check email and watch videos at blistering fast speeds.

15.0Mbps /4.0Mbps

15.0Mbps Download
4.0Mbps Upload

You name it you can do it! Get the most out of your connection!

30.0Mbps /6Mbps

30Mbps Download
6Mbps Upload

Own the web. Surf, game, stream videos all at the same time

Starting at only
$39.99 Month
Starting at only
$44.99 Month
Starting at only
$54.99 Month
Starting at only
$69.99 Month

Which plan is the right plan for me?

Depending on your individual needs for the Internet, there is a service plan that is right for you. Whether you want to casually surf the Internet or are looking to stream movies and game on-line, we have the right plan to suit your needs.

3Mbps: Great for surfing the Internet, checking email and to watch the occasional video. The 3Mbps service plan will be 2X faster than your standard DSL connection.

8.0Mbps - 30Mbps: Great for the individual that wants to stream Netflix movies/shows, play games on-line and have multiple computers on-line simultaneously.

As a rural customer, the options are limited. When switching to NorthfieldWiFi, you are likely to have a dial-up connection or satellite connection to the Internet. The 3Mbps service plan will be approximately 90X faster than dial-up and 28X faster than satellite.

This should help you have a better understanding for what service plan to choose. Please call or email us with any further questions.

612-991-4260 | sales@nfldwifi.net

How it Works

NorthfieldWiFi's Wireless Broadband infrastructure sends our signal to your home or business over the air without the need for a telephone or cable wire. This erases the suburban and rural blackout areas that currently have no broadband internet access because phone and cable companies have not yet run the necessary wires to those remote locations. This means that even for the most rural customer, NorthfieldWiFi's network can likely keep your home or business connected and enjoying the convenience of the Internet.

NorthfieldWifi's network works by using radio frequencies. A transmitter linked to a high speed fiber optic connection, beams the signal to our towers. Transmitters on the towers then broadcast the signal in all directions allowing customers to use small radios installed on their home by one of our installers to connect to the internet. The signal is encrypted so all of your data is safe.

Although our system requires line of sight to operate efficiently, the height of a tower and relative flatness of an area means there is potential in excellent coverage. Our technician will confirm your reception by completing a site survey prior to installation.

Network Diagram

NorthfieldWiFi will give you everything you need for one computer connection. This means that you can plug your device (desktop computer/laptop computer) directly into the modem. If you have multiple devices within your home, such as laptop(s), smart phones, tablet PC's etc, you may want those devices to take advantage of your internet connection as well. If so, then you will need a wireless router.

There are many options when it comes to routers. You can find these located at many retail stores in your area. Wireless "G" and Wireless "N" routers are most common and the main difference between the two is, the "N" router will switch devices from one frequency to another if there is interference from another device in your home/office, where the "G" router is not capable of that. In most instances the "G" router will serve your needs.